ABout Lyra


Lyra Bolt is an American singer and songwriter. Born on the west side of Chicago, she is an artist who fuses nostalgia and futurism into infectious pop anthems. While interweaving the influences of synth-pop, soul, and R&B, her voice is the driving instrument of her sound. Citing the pure, unfiltered feeling she experiences when singing and performing since the age of four.

“The first instinct I can ever remember was the way I felt when I sang my heart out as child,” she says. “…nothing in my life after that has ever reminded me of my place in the world better. I always knew I was a story-teller.”


On her way to releasing her first official body of work, Lyra’s first single Indigo shares the same title as her up-and-coming two-part EP billed as Movement I & Movement II.


Facebook: facebook.com/lyrabolt

Twitter: @LyraBolt

Instagram: @LyraBoltMusic